Soils &

Caan's carries an extensive assortment of soils, soil amendments, and mulches.  It is available by the bag and some offerings are available by the truckload.  We deliver it right to your home, most often same day delivery is available.

Mulch or Stone?

Not sure whether to use mulch or stome?  That is a good question!  Here are some facts to consider for your situation.


  • Very Low Maintenance
  • High-end Look
  • Much Larger Selection of Colors & Styles
  • Won't Fade or Blow Away
  • Will Not Suppress Weeds as Well
  • Larger Up-Front Installation Cost
  • Absorbs Heat in Summer
  • Limits Plant Selection to Those that are Heat Tolerant


  • Helps Keep Soil and Plants Moist Longer
  • Keeps Plants Cooler in the Summer
  • Keeps Plants Warmer in the Winter
  • Low Upfront Cost
  • High Maintenance and Repetitive Applications
  • Color Fades Quickly & Can Blow Away
  • Can Attract Insects & Rodents
  • Can Grow Mold & Fungus